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Branchburg Chiropractor: Dr. Eugene ONeill

Dr. Eugene Oneill, Branchburg Chiropractor

Dr. Eugene ONeill, Branchburg Chiropractor

“I’m not coming back! Something is not right and these drugs are not the answer!” That’s what a frustrated teenage who just missed Spring Break will say to a doctor. As you’ll read below, that moment would change the course of my life.


But first…I’m Dr. Eugene O’Neill. I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. After attending SUNY Stony Brook, N.Y., I went to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Palmer is located on the Mississippi River at the only spot the river runs East-West! Here is where chiropractic was discovered in 1895.


Dorothy is my wife and we have 3 great children, Patrick, Sean and Katelyn. “Me” time is spent exercising, +35  y/o men’s baseball, golf, sports and reading…OK mostly reading.

My Story

If I could not play major league baseball, I wanted to be in the healing arts. However, I was never attracted to medicine. As a NYC civil servant, my father was enrolled in one of the nation’s first HMO’s. Perhaps as a result, my family experienced many errors in the medical system. Therefore, I never developed a reverence for medicine. I hoped something else was out there to help the sick and suffering or better yet, keep them from being sick and suffering!

My father suggested chiropractic to me at 19. For 7 years I suffered with back problems…my whole teenage life. The final straw was the familiar crippling back spasm that struck as I was leaving for Spring Break. I knew the MD’s were missing something. What teenager should have 4 crippling back episodes per year? And I never got answers! Only the same drugs and “Come back when it happens again”. “No! This is the last time!” I told the MD. My friends were on a beach in Florida and I was headed for the couch, again. “I can’t let this go on.” I told my Dad. “What will life be like at 30!” Sensing my desperation, he suggested chiropractic.

The chiropractor would show me how a sports injury at 12 damaged my spine and nervous system. This produced the varying degrees of muscle spasm, back pain and spinal distortions. This spinal displacement (subluxation) was also behind my allergies, shoulder dislocations, bronchitis and stomach issues. All of which would clear up under chiropractic care. I would spend the next 20 years healthier than my first 20 years. My life was changed in ways we’ll never know. I would enter Palmer College of Chiropractic to expose others to this great, empowering message.

All without drugs or surgery. Isn’t this how life was meant to be? And consider this, what problems did I avoid over the last 35 years with chiropractic care? With my nervous system clear from spinal distortions and my body fully self healing and regulating, what problems have I therefore avoided?

Our Office

This office is unique in that approach. I can remove the nervous system pressure causing so many known and unknown problems. However, most of us go back to the same life(style) that caused or worsened our problems. If we can identify how you’re sabotaging your health while correcting your nervous system, miracles happen! Patients love this approach because;

  1. No twisting, cracking or popping of the spine is necessary.
  2. Safe, gentle, effective care for your family…just like mine
  3. Affordable for the whole family!
  4. We use state of the art testing to document your improvements
  5. You will set your health and wellness goals; not me.
  6. We encourage health freedom; not medical or chiropractic dependence!

I’ve set up a unique office to make care affordable to all who prioritize health. We need not aspire to be “just a little less sick”. Our current health care system is about fear and living afraid is not healthy! Let’s move towards what we want. If you identify it, I’ll help you achieve it!

We hope you choose our care. If not, you’re at least better informed. If I recognize I can’t get you to where you want to be, I’ll find someone who can. But my promise to you is this: I will do all in my power to help you. Call ONeill Chiropractic for Wellness today !

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