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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of ONeill Chiropractic patient testimonials below and, if you have any questions, please call or text our office at (908) 723-0219 or send us an email.

Yours in Health,
ONeill Chiropractic

Dear Dr. O’Neill,

It is difficult to put into words how thankful I am to have found you and grateful for the ways in which you truly changed my life. I found your practice at a time when I essentially lost hope of living each day without pain. I suffered for a few years with terrible neuralgia and was seen by various doctors and underwent several rounds of physical therapy. When I found your practice, I was going on 4 months of daily, debilitating headaches. I am a strong person with a high tolerance for pain, but the neuralgia brought on frequent tears while doing something as simple as brushing my hair or washing my face. I am also generally a very happy person but found myself growing more and more depressed. I hesitated to see a chiropractor because as you now know, I DO NOT like to have my neck cracked. However, I was willing to give anything a try. And I am so happy that I did! In a matter of no time, I found relief and eventually was headache-free and back to my “normal” self- and without having my neck cracked! You were incredibly kind and compassionate and I always appreciated the constant education. I can’t speak highly enough about you and the tremendous care you provide to your patients! Thank you!

With gratitude,
~Jennifer Pappas

I Feel Like A Fine Tuned Machine

I came to you in March literally out of desperation. I’d “thrown out my back” in the past but nothing that a day or 2 of a heating pad wouldn’t address. This time, it took me over 15 minutes to get out of bed after that first day and got worse over the weekend. I came to you it was day 5 of misery.

I was a “skeptic” about chiropractic for the common reasons (even mentioned my ex-girlfriend from 20 years ago about her monthly chiropractic visits and how I thought she was a “wimp”) , but I will say that over the last couple of months, my workouts have broken past prior plateaus. I even noticed the last couple of weeks I haven’t had to take an allergy pill (over the counter). Makes me think that coupled with my exercise regimen, good diet, and keeping my nervous system at its peak (because of continued care), I’m feeling the best I ever have.

I also sleep better – just all around feel like a “fine tuned machine” – better than I ever have and I know the improvements will keep coming!

I definitely lucked out living in the same town and with my google search when I thought my life was over. It’s great to get it back and THEN SOME!! Because of this recent discovery and your care, I feel like I have less to worry about as I get older as long as I do my part.
~ Eugene L.

Chiropractic Works

After one visit I stood up straighter and had no pain. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until Dr. O’Neill worked on me! It really was amazing, just after one visit. Chiropractic works and Dr. O’Neill is proof of that.
~Julianna F.

We Finally Have Hope

After a plethora of appointments with several different specialists, my daughter finally has hope that she will soon be headache free. The variety of other ailments she has been experiencing over the past 2 years now all make sense. We left the office smiling, believing we have found the means to the end…thank you, Dr. ONeill!
~Alexa R.

Higher Rating than Excellent

I wish there was a higher rating than excellent to give. Everything was unbelievable. The way Dr. O’Neill spoke to me was most impressive. He is so knowledagble and spoke to me in a manner that was respectful and relatable.
~ Kelsey E.

One Of The Best Doctors I Have Worked With!

Dr. ONeill is by far, one of the best doctors that I have had the pleasure of working with! For the first time, in a very long time, I feel like things are moving in a positive direction, in regards to my health. He is easy to speak to, he listens to everything I have to say and doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy. I’m so grateful to have been pointed in his direction. I know that my case is very unique and it will take a while to get better, but I’m very confident that Dr. ONeill will help me get there. I’ve already had huge improvements and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! I have already recommended him to quite a few people.
~ Nicole R.

Excellent Listener

I really appreciate the explanations and instructions during the exam and treatment. Dr. O’Neill is an excellent listener, as well, and the office environment is comfortable and unhurried….exceptional!
~ Susan W.

Really Listens

Dr O’Neill really listens to everything I say about how I am feeling. He addresses physical as well as emotional and nutritional issues. He addresses the whole person with kindness and caring. I look forward to my appointments because I know I will be heard and I will leave his office feeling much better than when I arrived.
~ Jo Ellen G.

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